DE 200

DE200 Series: Complete, Ready-to-go

Our personal handheld hydrophones have found their way into hundreds of different applications. A sampling of these can be found in our ‘Applications’ menu on the top of this page. The DE200 series hydrophones come as a complete set – hydrophone, integral cable, headphone amplifier, HQ earbud-stye earphone, battery, instructions and bonus software to record sounds and display spectrograms on your PC in real time or back at your office. All of the spectrogram charts on this website were produced by that software.

While the software is not needed to operate the DE200, it does turn your PC into a powerful sound analysis tool. It records, too. So whether you are trying to identify the unique vocalizations of an individual whale or dolphin, or monitoring the sound levels emitted by underwater construction, the DE200 is a perfect choice. And, its bargain price will make your accountant smile.

Operation is simple: turn it on, drop the hydrophone in the water and begin listening. Even if you have an array of very expensive hydrophones, you’ll find the ease of use means you will be using the DolphinEar DE200 to quickly check or scout sites for deployment of your more expensive instruments – thus saving you valuable field time and money, too.

The DE200 hydrophone operates over a wide temperature range as well: -40C to +60C giving you the flexibility to explore different environments. It is waterproof to a depth of 100 metres.

The DE200 is at home in more than water. Try burying it in soil, sand or ice to discover a soundscape that few have experienced. Or use it as a waterproof microphone out of the water. In short, wherever you need to listen, sea, land or air, our personal hydrophones have been there and are proven by thousands of users over the past 15 years.

Every DE200 is thoroughly tested and comes with a one year manufacturers warranty against defects. We can usually ship the most popular models within 1-2 working days, too.


  • DolphinEar DE200 Hydrophone your choice of cable length: 8, 16, 24 or 32 Metres (up to 100 m on special order)
  • Headphone Amplifier
  • Earphones
  • Software Bonus Pack (for PC)
    records audio and displays spectrum of underwater sounds in real time.


Frequency Range (Overall):7 Hz – 22,000 Hz *  

Hydrophone Transducer Type:MPC (Piezo)  40mm Diameter


Hydrophone Packaging:Rugged epoxy case,

Dimensions: approx. 60mm Dia x 7.5 mm Thick  

Hydrophone Operating Temperature:40C to +60C

Cable Type: High Quality, Low Noise, Neoprene/PVC jacketed  

Cable Length:8, 16, 24, or 32 metres. optional: to 100 metres..  

Preamp:Supplied with Line/Earphone Output  

Audio Output:MONO. Adjustable Level ~  50 mW  

Output Connector:3.5mm (1/8″) stereo jack

Earphones:HQ Earbud type (‘walkman-style’)  

Power:Approx 7 mA at 9V  

Battery:Alkaline 9V (PP3) transistor radio battery (lasts 50+ hrs)

External Power:Can operate from 12V battery with suitable adapter.

Amplifier Dimensions:  L: 122 mm W: 66 mm H: 43 mm

* Note: Hydrophone bandwidth 1 Hz-24000 Hz.. The frequency response  above is for entire system including earphones. This limits the frequency response to normal human ranges. When using the spectrogram software (included) for recording sounds directly from the DolphinEAR, the useful low frequency range extends down to a few Hz; the upper frequency range extends to more than 24 KHz.


We have a number of accessories that plug into the DE200 series to meet your special needs.  See our order page for more information.


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