Our Hydrophone Products:

The DE200 series of personal handheld hydrophones have found their way into hundreds of different applications. A sampling of these can be found in our ‘Applications’ menu on the top of this page. These personal hydrophones come as a complete set – hydrophone, integral cable, headphone amplifier, earbud-stye earphone, battery, instructions and bonus software to record sounds and display spectrograms on your PC in real time or back at your office.

While the software is not needed to operate the DE200, it does turn your PC into a powerful sound analysis tool. So whether you are trying to identify the unique vocalizations of an individual whale or dolphin, or monitoring the sound levels emitted by underwater construction, the DE200 is the ideal solution.




Featuring a balanced output, these hydrophones are suitable for capturing high quality underwater sounds to depths of 100 meters.

While Low in Cost, DolphinEar PRO Professional hydrophones are ruggedly designed for the real world broadcast and production environment. It provides high levels of quality audio without the need for phantom power and the problems that can cause in an aquatic environment.

DolphinEar PRO is suitable for short, medium and long term immersion applications and is available in single cable lengths to 100 meters (328 feet). Note: this is not a complete kit like our DE200 series. You get the DolphinEar PRO with your choice of cable length and our bonus software pack. The DE PRO series is designed to plug into existing audio equipment such as preamplifiers, sound mixers, recorders, etc. It requires no phantom power to operate and uses a standard XLR 3 pin connector.

Unlike standard ball-type hydrophones, DolphinEar/PRO’s unique disc design minimizes flow noise while recording from a boat in medium to heavy sea conditions.

DolphinEar/PRO may be buried in earth, or sand, for use as a geophone-type microphone. It is also suitable for direct immersion into many hazardous chemical solutions.



The DE600 and it’s mobile telephone had to operate for a minimum of 60 days at temperatures down to -20C. The case provided space for enough battery capacity to last for a minimum of 90 days at -25 degrees Celsius! Once closed, the entire apparatus was watertight including the hydrophone cable connection.

DolphinEar ‘600’ WIRELESS (DE600) is a combination of hydrophone, pre-amplifier and mobile/cellular telephone and radio interface.  It plugs into the accessory connector of a handheld mobile telephone and allows the user to dial up and listen to the hydrophone from any telephone in the world. This audio stream can be connected directly into a computer for storage on hard disk, or it can be recorded in a conventional manner.  We can supply the DE600 module and hydrophone with or without  a mating mobile or cellular telephone.

The DE600 is available in a number of forms: as a  ‘wireless ready’ module that you can build into your radio or telephone equipment, or as a custom instrument  (as shown in the photo) that we build to your specifications.