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DolphinEar DE200 Series

Our most versatile and popular hydrophone series. It has everything you need to start listening to underwater sounds. Comes in cable lengths of 8, 16, 24 and 32 meters.  Includes: hydrophone, headset amplifier, earphones, user manual, and bonus spectrogram software for a Windows PC.

DE200-8 with 8 meter cable. $339 USD 

DE200-16 with 16 meter cable. $399 USD

DE200-24 with 24 meter cable. $449 USD 

DE200-32 with 32 meter cable. $539 USD 



This little FM transmitter plugs into the DE200 headset amplifier allowing you to hear underwater sounds by tuning in on a standard FM radio. The 10 meter range is adequate for use on eco-tour or whale watching boats. Simply select an unused spot on the dial and turn up the volume so everyone can hear what’s going on beneath the waves. Provides high quality sound when used the DE200.
Note: Delivery is usually from stock. Units may vary in appearance from that shown.)
FM88-108 FM Transmitter  $59 USD 

Bluetooth Links (A2DP)

Another way of connecting a DolphinEar DE200 wirelessly to an external PA loudspeaker system is to use a Bluetooth Transmitter and Receiver.  The transmitter plugs into the DE200 headset amplifier and sends a signal to a matching Bluetooth receiver (or to a Bluetooth speaker).

We sell these units as a pair (Transmitter and Receiver) or separately as needed.

We supply fully tested and reliable units with your DE200 orders. Just add to your order by clicking the link below. Delivery is usually from stock.

(Units may vary in appearance from that shown.)

Please Note: These do not work as BLUETOOTH accessories for linking to mobile or cell phones

BT-2 Bluetooth (pair)Transmitter and Receiver $150 USD 

Individual Units: (Can be used either as a transmitter or as a Receiver)

BT-1 Bluetooth Adapter ONLY $75 USD 



DolphinEar PRO Series

Our DolphinEar PRO series is unique. It provides a balanced output for use with professional audio mixers, consoles, and recorders. It is equipped with standard XLR 3 connector and it does NOT use any power (not even phantom power) to operate due to its large area hydrophone element.

When you order this item choose the length (10, 20, or 30 metres) as needed. You get the hydrophone, cable length of your choice, user manual, and bonus spectrogram software.  Our most popular 10 and 20 metre models are usually shipped within one to two working days of receiving your order. Other models may take a few days extra. Cable lengths up to 100 metres are available on special order. Please enquire.

To order just click the appropriate order button below.

PRO-10 with 10 meter cable. $399 USD 

PRO-20 with 20 meter cable. $469 USD 

PRO-30 with 30 meter cable. OUT OF STOCK (enquire by email) $559 USD


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