Do you need help with a special or interesting project? Over the years our team has helped to develop solutions for scientists and artists alike.

How do you monitor the melting of a glacier in Iceland? And let the entire world listen as it happens?  Or, how do you flicker the lights on a pier in England in sync with real time lightning strikes thousands of miles away? These are two on many projects which our team have designed and developed solutions. Not everything we do involves hydrophones!

So if you have a one-off project or need and OEM solution to a problem, contact us for help. We specialise in practical, out-of-the-box creative solutions.

Here are a few projects that will give you an idea of how we combine our experience, knowledge and out-of-the-box thinking to deliver solutions to real-world problems.

Streetlight Storm

How do you detect lightning strikes half a world away then flicker the lights of an English pier in sync with those strikes?

Learn More: Streetlight Storm Solution

 Dial a Melting Glacier

How do you listen to a melting glacier in Iceland and give it a telephone number so everyone else in the world can call it, too?

Learn More: Melting Glacier Solution