Dirk Alaerts, TV Sound Engineer Note: Dirk is not associated with DolphinEar – he is one of our customers! These comments are from his e-mails and blogs.


“I use DolphinEar in a broadcast environment (I’m a sound engineer for television). I used it already in a live broadcast of a athletic meeting (steeple-chase) and in a triathlon-broadcast. I know a lot of audio technicians who are searching for a hydrophone but think that the Bruel & Kjaer (DPA) is the only one on the market (costing 10 times more…).”I shall recommend the DolphinEar now!!! Thank you for this great tool!!”

I used the DolphinEar last week in a trailer for a daily show on our national television: the host tries to interview people under water…. Great result. 

Dirk Alaerts,




“Next week you can hear the DolphinEar mike broadcasting live at our national swimming championships!!!








I used the DolphinEar in different situations: sports broadcasts, candid camera’s with water-action and now we are using it in our Belgian Big Brother house. The participants have to do a competition every week. And that is a lot associated with water. As example: during 24h/day one of the participants has to stay under water in a giant sort of aquarium. To capture the underwater sound we used the DolphinEar.







“We used the DolphinEar last week at the 2002 world championship cyclo cross. We placed it on a wooden bridge where the cyclists were passing. DolphinEar is a very good muddy and wet contact microphone.”






“I used DolphinEar in a live broadcast of a steeple-chase!” (DolphinEar was buried in turf to provide ‘ambient’ sound as the horses approached a jump.)