DolphinEar Hydrophones

Low cost, high quality hydrophones for  whale watching, eco tourism, climate research, education, industry, hobbyists and more. Used in over 70 countries. Models for all price ranges. Delivery from stock. Order online for 24 hour dispatch.

Dolphinear hydrophone systems allow us to explore an unseen world – a world where sound rather than light is dominant.

So whether you are interested in discovering new worlds, or need a tool to make the present one better and safer, please have a closer look at what we have to offer.

Our newest DE 200 series hydrophone comes as a complete kit – hydrophone,

cable, headset amplifier, ear-phones, instructions. It’s ready to use as soon as you unpack it.


Our DolphinEar PRO series hydrophone was designed for professional audio work. It’s BALANCED 600 ohm output plugs into commercial preamps and mixer boards found in recording studios, TV studios and film sound stages.

Every DolphinEar hydrophone comes with a one year warranty and is usually shipped within 24-48 hours.


We include free software as a bonus with all of our hydrophones. While, you don’t need it to use the DE200 or PRO series, it will turn the hydrophone into a powerful analysis tool to rival systems costing many thousands of dollars. And you can use it to record sounds while simultaneously displaying colorful spectrograms on the computer screen. It even saves spectrum data showing time, frequency and sound intensity in db in a spreadsheet file for later analysis.

Our History and Products

First introduced in 1998, DolphinEar became an instant favourite with marine biologists, whale watchers, university researchers, secondary school students and teachers. Today, these hydrophones have been used in over 70 countries and all 50 States. Government and NGO’s use DolphinEar for monitoring the environment. Artists use it to open the world of natural sounds to people everywhere. And at least one near disaster has been avoided when a major oil company used three dolphinear hydrophones to locate damage to its oil platform after it sustained major damage from a Gulf of Mexico hurricane.

Why have our hydrophones become so popular? Low cost and excellent performance combined with ruggedness and quick availability are just a few of the reasons. Simplicity of operation is also a key factor.

DolphinEar on LAND!

Water is not the only place to use a DolphinEar. Over the years enterprising explorers have used our hydrophones for many land based applications (also called geophones): Listening to meerkats as they burrow underground. Hearing the music of grasslands as the wind blows. Fascinating sounds of ants going about their daily routines. The sounds of desert sands in the heat of the sun.  Footsteps approaching. Measuring  the volume of gas bubbles by sound. Or, monitoring a bridge structure for early signs of failure. Can you think of other applications? Our team is always available to help and share our many years of experience on land and sea.       Learn More



Do you need help with a special or interesting project? Over the years our  team has helped to develop solutions for scientists and artists alike.

How do you monitor the melting of a glacier in Iceland? And let the entire world listen as it happens?  Or, how do you flicker the lights on a pier in England in sync with real time lightning strikes thousands of miles away? These are two on many projects w

hich our team have designed and developed solutions. Not everything we do involves hydrophones!

So if you have a one-off project or need an OEM solution to a problem, contact us for help. We specialize in practical, out-of-the-box creative solutions.  Learn More