Here are some sample recordings from the DolphinEar Library. Click on the image or button to go to the appropriate page and listen to the recording.  Displayed here are the spectrograms of the sounds. You can see how each is different. Whale and Dolphin vocalisations vary considerably when seen as a spectrogram even if they sound identical to your ear. Spectrogram software come with every DolphinEar hydrophone. For more information see our SOFTWARE PAGE.

WATCH the video “The Colour of Sound”  


Humpback Whale Song


Dolphin Whistles


Snapping Shrimp in Subtropics


Boat Engine & Prop Sounds


Sounds of a Sea Serpent?

US Navy LFAS Test


Woodland Ants

Merri Creek – Experimental Music

Buried In Sand – Listening to Greenhouse Gas