Sports & Fishing



Hundreds of fish species (soniferous fish) have been identified by the sounds they make. In fact, it is likely that all fish with swim bladders make some sort of sound either to attract mates or warn off competitors. DolphinEar can help to identify specific habitats and thereby assist in keeping those areas safe and free from pollution and debris. And, noise. Manmade sounds can affect fish behaviour and reproduction whether in the sea, rivers, or inland bodies of water.

This is also an area of research where the keen amateur recordist can be of enormous help. Recording fish vocalisations, and keeping notes on location, date and time of year can assist researchers to develop catalogs and maps of sounds and habitats. And, it’s fun – by some reports that we get, many people find it more pleasurable to bag a new sound than it is to bag a few fish for dinner. In places like the UK where it is illegal to take fish from public rivers, streams and lakes, fish can grow to an unbelievable size and emit some very powerful sounds.


DolphinEar hydrophones are used in swimming pools and in open water to listen and record sounds for events including TV and radio coverage.







CRICKET and all Ball Sports

DolphinEar hydrophones are used to provide ambient sounds in all types of sporting matches. It is often used in cricket to hear the sound of the ball hitting the stumps. The hydrophone is usually buried near the base of the three cricket stumps with the cable run underground in a piece of conduit. Alternatively it can be connected to one of our FM radio or Bluetooth transmitters with everything placed within a water and dust proof box that is buried and lightly covered by soil. One does need to be careful however. DolphinEar is an excellent ‘air’ microphone so any ‘words’ uttered by players will be clearly heard! It also works brilliantly when attached to a football or soccer goal. You can hear a goal when sometimes you can’t quite see it on the TV screen!




DolphinEar hydrophones have been used in all types of racing events to provide ambient sound that really spices up a broadcast or video footage.  It can be planted in the ground or attached to objects to capture unusual sounds that add perspective to an event.